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Outdoor/Sports Grants

Playground funding for 2013

ESP, a specialist in the development of educationally based playgrounds, is offering funding contributions until April 2013 to schools to develop their playground areas.

The project has already seen more than £500,000 contributed to schools.

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Going green

Here’s a list of green funding resources available

English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS)

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Funding for outdoor areas

If you are planning to make improvements to your school’s playgrounds or other outside spaces, there is a multitude of funding possibilities

There are many grants and awards available specifically for improving school outdoor spaces. Playground Partnerships, for example, is a scheme providing primary and special schools with financial help to realise their ideas for improving their playgrounds. Schools can apply for funding of up to £10,000, and any school that is shortlisted for an award but fails in its bid still receives at least £250.

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Benefits of developing school grounds for overall learning

There is a discernible trend towards open-air classrooms across the UK. Some of the earliest proponents are seizing the idea of teaching children outside all day, every day appears to be gaining currency

Wales is a leader in this regard. In its foundation stage, it is encouraging schools to teach key stage one pupils through structured play in an outdoor setting rather than in the classroom. Currently, 41 schools are trialling the theory, with the expectation that all schools in Wales will be expected to bring the outdoors into the mainstream from September 2008.

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Be a good sport

Children’s health has made many newspaper headlines over the past year, from how they travel to school to obesity. As a consequence, more funding has become available for school sports

In July 2008, the prime minister announced £100 million of investment to give every child the chance of five hours of sport per week, including two hours within the school day. The investment will also fund a new National School Sports Week, led by Dame Kelly Holmes, during which schools will be encouraged to run sports days and tournaments.  


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